Sponsoring And Exhibition

Industry compliance

Studio ER Congressi and EMN are committed to organize a fully compliant and independent educational and scientific meeting.


All the sponsors are invited to consult the advice of the Codes of Practice for the Promotion of Medicines presented by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). The Exhibitor or Sponsor is responsible for ensuring that their promotion during the Congress is legally and ethically acceptable in Italy. The organizing secretariat is not liable in any way for sponsors not complying to legal, ethical and industry standards. To access the status of 2nd European Myeloma Network Meeting on EFPIA, please follow this link.


Organizing Secretariat

Studio E.R. Congressi, Via De’ Poeti 1/7 – 40124 Bologna

Tel. 051 4210559 - Fax 051 4210174 - E-mail: emnmeeting@ercongressi.it

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